Practical TTC Tips for Women

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Practical TTC Tips for Women

So you and you partner have finally decided to move forward to the next phase of your relationship.

You now want a baby.

We have decided to gather these TTC tips for those couples out there who want their baby 9 months from now.

Top 6 Fertility Aids

For some it’s easy to conceive a child, but other couples may find it hard to do so. What are the things you can do to help ensure that your cute little baby will be on its way?

You might’ve heard some some fertility and pregnancy myths. But beware of those, always check the facts and consult your doctors.

Here are some of the tips that we have found to be true. They are tried and tested by many of our readers.

  1. ttc-tips-chartingCharting

    • Knowing your own menstrual cycle is one of the first step that will really help you in the long run. By charting you period, from the start until the start of the next regularly for months before getting pregnant, you are ensuring that you will have sexual intercourse at the most optimal period of your cycle. With your menstrual charts in hand, you can plan ahead and make things go smoothly when the time comes. There are many books and guide that will help you including our own guide.
  2. Ovulation Kits

    • These kits are your best friends in case you are not good at telling whether your body is at its “fertile window”. These ovulation kits tracks your cycle by tracking your hormones and keeping the invisible signs of your ovulation cycle. They primarily track the volume of luteinizing hormones that you have. They are increased when your body is ready to release the egg.
  3. tc-tips-herbsHerbs

    • Herbs have been used by the ancient people and for a good reason, they work. Herbal tea can help regulate the hormones in your body. There are those like Vitex agnus-castus that alleviates the symptoms of gynecological problems and they also smooth out hormones. Another herb, the trifolium pratense or commonly known as red herb helps promote a healthy uterus. But before taking any of them, as always, consult a medical professional.
  4. Sperm-friendly Lubricants

    • In case you and your partner/husband are using lubricants during your intercourse, it better to know whether you’re using a brand that doesn’t kill the sperm of your lover. Many lubricants in the market contains chemicals that can destroy the sperm or have something that does not help in the ovulation of the egg.
  5. Medication

    • There are medicines out there aside from fertility pills that promote a more hospitable environment for the egg and sperm. Some of their main effects or side-effects may cause your body or uterus in particular to be in an optimal state to nurture an embryo and eventually, conceive a child. For instance, Robitussin is mainly used for cough but its effects reach the uterus. It makes the wall lining of your vaginal canal more slippery by breaking down the mucus membranes. A slippery uterus is always a good thing for the sperm. Easier travel to the egg.
  6. Fertility Pills

    • Lastly, we have the fertility pills. These medicines are made for the sole purpose of helping women achieve the most fertile uterus they can have. An example of this is Clomid. This drug basically modulates the estrogen receptors and┬átells your body to ovulate. It is one of the most prescribed fertility pills. You will need to take them early in your menstrual cycle, preferably before your fertile window, so it can work its magic with your body’s hormone. Again, just like anything else you should always consult a doctor on this tip. Using pills to get pregnant is easier than other natural method, but it’s better to seek an advice of a professional.

So final question is…

Do these fertility aid works? They may or they may not. They are not a surefire guarantee that you’ll be able to conceive a baby if ever you try using one or more of them.

The only best thing you can, as I have already mentioned above, consult your doctor before trying any of the fertility aids mentioned above.



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